Terra Firma Suffocation

Photo by Fee Easton

The turquoise cleanliness  is a pretense, an illusion.

Beneath, the sky seeps scarlet from the purple of old bruises.

A defoliant drenched earth erupts with deadly

deceptive flora straining for

a breath of blue.


“The earth is mankind’s ultimate haven, our blessed terra firma.” ~~~Gilbert Adair

Poem inspired by the photo above on One Stop Poetry.

5 thoughts on “Terra Firma Suffocation

  1. Utilizing a lovely color palette, I think your details do indeed suggest an underside to a great beauty, which upon closer inspection is found to present illusion. Fine, suggestive lines for the prompt. Also like the cadence and use of alliteration.


  2. Thanks, guys. I do appreciate your taking the time to comment. I realize this isn’t a “happy” poem but the image immediately struck me as surreal and the poppies looked kinda “nuked” to me. Just my weird outlook, I guess. 🙂


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