Bird Island in Audubon Park, New Orleans - © charlotte hamrick

We watched for the return
of the birds.
The air around the house
was silent
and devoid of flutterings,
a vacuum of tweets and
whistles. What straggling
flowers were left went
hummingbirdless while
twigs and string were
twigs and string
with no hope of sheltering
featherless offspring.

It was strangely quiet,
as though they were all
sucked into a void
somewhere and became
dinosaurs again in
another dimension.
Kind of like our love,
they were a wondrous
memory for a time until
slowly finding their way
back home.

10 thoughts on “Wingless

  1. I wonder if the birds that leave my area of the country at this time of year are turning up in your area. I really miss them now, but hope you enjoy them.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Mary. This was actually written about the absence of birds after Hurricane Katrina. It was so eerily quiet until they returned. It made me realize how much of nature we take for granted.


  2. I like your photo … and yes, I had a feeling that it was done after either Katrina or the pathetic BP fiasco. But you give them hope in the last line … for which I am indeed grateful.


  3. Thank God nature has the ability to renew herself. It’s a strange world indeed without the sounds and presence of birds, insects or pets (not to mention, people). Thanks to you all for your comments and I’m happy there was a happy ending to this poem as well!


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