Morning Meditation: Of Tom and Hawks

“A red-winged hawk is circling” Tom Petty 1950-2017 He glides towards me face to face at eye level on my morning walk, swoops into an old magnolia. He settles his feathers and returns my gaze, eyes shining a message of light and life. l smile,thinking of Apollo, music,and a golden-haired man learning to fly. *** Sources: Tom Petty on writing “You and I Will Meet Again”  Video of “You and I Will Meet Again”. Hawks in mythology and folklore. Photo via Pinterest. I tried to trace the source but was unsuccessful.  Continue reading Morning Meditation: Of Tom and Hawks


We watched for the return of the birds. The air around the house was silent and devoid of flutterings, a vacuum of tweets and whistles. What straggling flowers were left went hummingbirdless while twigs and string were just twigs and string with no hope of sheltering featherless offspring. It was strangely quiet, as though they were all sucked into a void somewhere and became dinosaurs again in another dimension. Kind of like our love, they were a wondrous memory for a time until slowly finding their way back home. Continue reading Wingless