Stitching the Pieces

Your eyes only saw the best part of me,
perfectly groomed in classic black and heels,
ambivalence hidden behind serenity’s repose.

I kept dishevelment ensconced in private rooms
where uncombed hair fell in tangled lanks
and mismatched Pj’s enclosed goose-pimpled
flesh from the draft of honesty.

Your ears only heard whispers and murmurs
and sonorous sounds of yearning,
never impatient recriminations in careless
moments of the familiar or irrational shrieks of
a bad temperament.

The trick was the delicate convergence of the frenetic
and the steadfast and how to locate the balance.


Written with thanks to Three Word Wednesday for the word prompts of “draft, locate, serenity”. It’s been a while since a poetry prompt was helpful to me but this one really was, I think.

8 thoughts on “Stitching the Pieces

  1. last post i couldn’t access the post button – an intelligent an intriguing poem. how does one become comfortable with being authentic esp. when emotions froth up.


  2. The two sides many of us keep apart, especially where love is concerned. I like you last words “how to locate the balance”. No easy task. I enjoyed your poem.


  3. This is a very interesting poem.At what stage do you present the mismatched pjs and the birds nest beehive.? Love me as I am?
    No, I dont think so. …not if you want a really good time:)


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