An Aerial View

Festing on the river, New Orleans

I never said forever.
That’s a time continuum I can’t comprehend
in a world too tightly bound by years.
Today is my commorancy, my roots are in
this moment and each one that follows, as
it exists. The long tunnel into the future
is too narrow, I will not be stuck there.
Take my hand, look into my eyes and feel
the fresh air on our skin.


Shared with dVerse Poets Pub.

21 thoughts on “An Aerial View

  1. i dreamt about my old french love last night, and hadn’t remembered it until now. she would have said this. not this well, though.

    there is something about that picture that i really like. i can feel the breeze and hear the music.


  2. I took the photo at last year’s French Quarter Fest. (Didn’t go this year due to freaken shingles.) The woman on the backside is Susan Cowsill – her set was incredible! Here’s a
    link to her song “River of Love” written by her brother who was found dead in the river several weeks after Katrina.


  3. Today is my commorancy, my roots are in
    this moment and each one that follows, as
    it exists

    … yes- live in the moment. Oh and I love New Orleans.


  4. Perfect! I love this!
    I have come to realize that the past is gone and cannot be changed or erased, but it has molded me into the person I am today; the future is out of my hands and not to be worried about; and the most important step I will ever take, is the next one. Today is truly all that matters.


  5. What a better place to pivot this poem from. Been to New Orleans (physically) a few times, but I get lost in all its flavours. I love rivers though and all moving water that isn’t trying to drown me. I enjoyed this. It reads well and sings splendid outloud. Excellente!


    1. Thanks, Henry. I LOVE to hear people say they like my city. I live a block from the river and I love it. Today some tall ships came in to commemorate the War of 1812 and were given a 21 gun salute that I heard very well in my house. Never a dull moment here!


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