The dragonfly buzzes about
minding its own business,
iridescent wings flashing
in the sunlight.

Humans shuffle along the
dirty sidewalk, tied down
by the vitriol dripping from
their mouths.

This poem was inspired by the poetry of Ko Un which I just discovered thanks to Via Negativa and I’ve been devouring as much of his work as I can find on the internet today. I highly recommend reading Via Negativa, the website of poet Dave Bonta and contributing poet Luisa Igloria whose work I adore. Their site is on my Google reader and I read them every single day and stand amazed.
Shared on dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night.

15 thoughts on “Wiggle-Waggle

  1. great work on the contrast here between dragonfly with wings flashing in the sunlight and then the tied down people on the dirty boardwalk…haven’t heard about ko un yet…but will check out the links


  2. Really neat piece. I will definitely have to check Via Negative out. I love how the first stanza is of nature and the second man. Very cool. Thanks


  3. i think i would rather be a dragon fly any day…i find them to be beautiful…and tied down to anything (well almost anything) does not sound like a good thing…i will check out this poetry style too…


  4. Love this: “tied down
    by the vitriol dripping from
    their mouths”

    Quite the opposites, aren’t we? Would that we could fly, we might consider closing our mouths.


  5. I like the contrast – pretty dragonflies with their iridescent wings vs. humans dripping vitriolic remarks… I had to smile at the characterization of humans, but… it’s true for many


  6. I read somewhere that dragonflies don’t have mouths. They can’t eat and die of starvation after a few days. Their one and only mission in life is to make little dragonflies. I don’t know if this is accurate or not, but that’s what I read.


  7. Thanks to everyone for your visit and comments. If only we humans retained the lessons of nature. Gossip infects the gossiper, holding him/her down in the dirt. I really hate gossip.


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