Photo via Colossal Art and Design

When the water came crashing
through windows it wasn’t
lovely or artistic, it was raw
and dirty and filled with the last
words screamed by lonely old
ladies in wheelchairs who were
found six days later in the room
where they drowned.


I never know when the memories of the storm (Hurricane Katrina) and the flood and the victims will grab my gut. It did just now when I saw this photo and read about the artist who created it “to mimic a frothy flood of water rushing into a room”.

And this was my reaction.  This was a story related to me – one victim’s death – by a search and rescue worker here after the flood. The story comes to me at odd and unexpected times and I think it will always haunt me.  Flashbacks are hell.

4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. This must have been a traumatising catastophe like a strong earthquake or a conflagration. Even worse that it could have been avoided according to what I read. I hope the dikes have been reinforced meanwhile.


    1. Thanks for the extra context. (Unrelated: thanks for your post – did not post it, but wanted to hug you for what you said. Thanks!)


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