Morning Meditation

The air of this late spring
morning feels untouched
and smells of the sweet
perfume of possibility, clear
and utopian. I want to grab
this time and wrap it around my
body, luxuriating in the
‘Now’ of it, rubbing it into
every pore, plumping my skin
with its temperate gentleness to
last through summer’s fire and the
rain-whipped rage of the season
that shall go un-named.

3 thoughts on “Morning Meditation

  1. Lovely! Sometimes it is not enough to simply enjoy a moment; one wants to get hold of it physically. Love the “sweet perfume of possibility”. “… to grab this time and wrap it around my body” sounds like you really sank into that moment.


  2. It was a beautiful moment and a beautiful day! I always cherish spring because I know summer’s coming and it’s so damn hot plus hurricane season. Ugh.


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