One Friday In August

It gave her a weird thrill, his hands
were shaped like strawberries, emergency
lights barely blinked at the voice in
her ear sliding down her throat all the
way to the base, small talk about a
storm brewing in the Gulf, surrounded
by cypress trees and lily padded bayous,
a weathered table by the window, phantom
picnics interrupted.
Obsession probably killed her; her eyes
were blank, the world forgotten.


Shared on dVerse Poets Pub.

8 thoughts on “One Friday In August

  1. interesting verse tonight….it gave her a thrill in the opening and a slight turn sensual with the words on the ear into the throat…but then the day dreaming at the end of another place….


  2. Love the sense of mystery and fatality in this–the ambiguity only adds to the mood–a pleasure to read.


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