It’s the Waiting That Kills You

Sometimes you talk, sometimes you don’t,
sometimes you want to but can’t.
You watch the numbers on all the
machines that are supporting her life,
you note them and compare them
to the numbers from the day before,
the week before and
the month before.
You wash her face, lubricate her lips
and wait for the few precious seconds
she opens her eyes
and wonder if it’s just a reflex
or a reaction to your voice. You
lotion up her hands and feet
then rotate them and stretch out her fingers.
You leave the room after the 30 minute
visiting time and wait for the next visit.


Shared on dVerse Poets Pub.

12 thoughts on “It’s the Waiting That Kills You

  1. Thank you both – your words mean so much. Yes, it’s my mom who’s been in surgical ICU for 8 weeks now. Please keep her in your thoughts. xo


  2. oh my..that brought tears to my eyes…so sorry to hear about your mom…will keep her in my thoughts as well..and hope that she will soon be better…but sure she feels that you’re there with those little acts of love like lotioning up her hands and that it’s not just reflex..


  3. oy you nailed the feelings in this one…and the helplessness i felt in the passing of my MIL perfectly…so sad…and we do what we can you know…deeply felt…


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