Hot Reads Plus

Lots of good things to share today that I’ve read and watched over the past week or so. Enjoy!

On The Miscreant, a flash fiction by James Claffey “The Air, Fair Crackling”.
Also by James on Flash Fiction Chronicles, “Why I Write Flash Fiction”. I like this quote in the piece: “Flash fiction, ultimately, is about finding your form, discovering the right angle with which to cut the diamond into facets, showing a world in a moment.”

Photo via Brain Pickings

On Brain Pickings, Mary Oliver on What Attention Really Means and Her Moving Eulogy to Her Soul Mate”. Photo above of Mary Oliver (b. 1935, right) with Molly Malone Cook (1925–2005) at the couple’s home in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

On Women Writers, Women’s Books, Anne Leigh Parrish on “The Unnoticed Writer”. Anne Leigh muses about Edith Perlman’s statement, “It’s very important for a writer to be unnoticed. As quiet and unnoticed as possible.” and what our goals are as writers.

On  Mother Nature Network, “7 Cultural Concepts We Don’t Have in the U.S.” by Staar Vartan. Verrry interesting!

On First Draft blog, “Year One or, a List of 15 Things, in No Particular Order, For My Daughter to Tell Her Therapist Someday” by Allison Hantschel. It’s so hard to do “list” posts or articles effectively and make them really entertaining but Allison does a great job with this!

Photo via LaRC Blog On Tulane University’s Louisiana Research Collection blog, “LaRC Books: Lost in the Cosmos” which is my pick for a TBR book in 2015. Blog post by the lovely Susannah Powers who also posts her stunning photos of every day life in New Orleans on her  Google+.

Finally, I watched this video-poem, Deaf Brown Gurl, on Moving Poems the other day and was so impressed by it I wanted to share. Every aspect of the film was created and performed by Sabina England who has been deaf since the age of two. The film is vibrant and exciting and carries a very powerful message about what it’s like to be perceived as “different”.  If you take nothing else away from this post, please do watch the video. It’s amazing.

Have a great reading week!

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