Hot Reads: Lists & Blueberry Cobbler

Here are a few cool things I’ve read this week and I’m just realizing several are actual lists by other people. Great! That means you have a galaxy of stories to read.

Women’s History Month is marching right along and Change Seven Magazine has given us this gem:  “7 Reads We Recommend: Women’s History Month” by Laurel Dowswell and Emily Ramsey. I’m slowly savoring these sweet nuggets. Also in Change Seven, “Distracted by Life” by Sandy Ebner is a frightening account of living with ADHD and how she found light at the end of that dark tunnel. A fascinating read.

Just a flash. Did you see It?” By Leesa Cross Smith in Smokelong Quarterly is an interesting essay on why she’s attracted to reading and writing flash fiction. I love Leesa’s writing. It’s so real and relatable. If you haven’t read Every Kiss a War, you’re missing out.

Via Bonespark blog, “Baby Writes Poems: “Chick-links” #5“, a recommended list of new books by women poets. Yay! More  books!

The list of winners and finalists for Best Small Fictions is up at Queens Ferry Press. Congrats to all! Great reading in this list.

Have you ever wondered what a visit to a psychic might he like? Check out Susan Tepper’s   “Assignment with Faustus”  in Digging Through the Fat. 

Finally, Vela Magazine’s  “Maureen McLane’s  Seven Poets on the Verge ” has me very excited. Well, ya know, poetry is my preferred flavor.


Except for blueberry. On the food side of things, I recently made this super delicious blueberry cobbler. (I forgot to take a pic before digging in!) If you love fruit cobblers you must make this! Super easy, super fast – the recipe is from Mark Bittman, whose How To Cook Everything is my cookbook bible.

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Easter and a great reading week!



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