Recent Publications

C. Hamrick 2014

My poem, “Another Poem About the Moon”, was just published in the new issue of Literary Orphans. Huge thanks to Mike Joyce, Scott Walden, and Peter Marra for allowing my work to grace their pages for the third time. I also want to thank Kaia Pieters, featured artist, for the beautiful photography that accompanies my piece and the others in this issue. Beautiful work, indeed.

Earlier this month my poem, “Bring Down the Babies”, was published in the beautiful Mockingheart Review. This journal specializes in publishing poetry and is curated by the wonderful Louisiana poet Clare Martin. If poetry is your thing, I highly recommend this journal. Thank you, Clare, for allowing me to find a home with Mockingheart Review.

In August, Mad Swirl published “AntsBirdsCoffee” in the Poetry Forum and added it to my page there. Thank you, Mad Swirl!

So, after a bit of a dry spell I’ve been fortunate to have three poems published. I’ve been writing a little every few days, submitting a  little, and thinking about submitting a little. Also, after a bit of an absence, I’ve put up a poem on Fictionaut, “He Was So Beautiful”.  As always, there is some good writing posted there right now so I encourage you to visit.

Have a great week-end, y’all!


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