Recent Publications

My poem, “Another Poem About the Moon”, was just published in the new issue of Literary Orphans. Huge thanks to Mike Joyce, Scott Walden, and Peter Marra for allowing my work to grace their pages for the third time. I also want to thank Kaia Pieters, featured artist, for the beautiful photography that accompanies my piece and the others in this issue. Beautiful work, indeed. Earlier this month my poem, “Bring Down the Babies”, was published in the beautiful Mockingheart Review. This journal specializes in publishing poetry and is curated by the wonderful Louisiana poet Clare Martin. If poetry is … Continue reading Recent Publications

Another Poem About the Moon

We don’t know shit about the moon, her wants or desires, what she feels when she looks at us across the expanse, so green and blue and teeming with life. And us, like a giant eye looking back, plotting our next invasion. We look up into endlessness and there she is. Patient. Steady. Loyal. We planted a flag  on her and we think that makes her ours. She will never be ours. I remember the night we lay in the bed of your old Chevy truck looking up at her, as still and lonely as a lost dime on the … Continue reading Another Poem About the Moon

Worlds Apart

The moon hung low in the sky not quite half in size and glowing like a neon sign for wayward astronauts. A big pine tree backlit by a street light raised its spikey boughs beneath as though stretching to brush electric confetti from the crescent surface. The dog and I meander down the street, he sniffing for the perfect place to pee, toenails clicking like ghosts tapping on a window and I thinking about you and me under the same moon on the same planet but, really, more than worlds apart. Continue reading Worlds Apart

Dream of Avá

Dream of Avá i’ll sing to you of the new moon tonight as it’s mysterious silvery beams pour over my body as warm as your body felt pressed into mine. i’ll roll my hips in a primitive pagan dance older than the earth , from the time of stars and galaxies and flying moons from other worlds. there will be no reason, no thought, no intellect, only passion, desire, lust, instinct and the movement of my body in the moonlight. I’ll sing to you of the new moon tonight and you will come to me with the rapture of Etherus. … Continue reading Dream of Avá