13 Odd Questions


There’s a column in the weekend Wall Street Journal that I enjoy reading called “20 Odd Questions”. All sorts of people are quizzed, from actors to artists, athletes to writers, designers to scientists. It’s interesting to read the answers and, often, you learn something new or glean tips you can use yourself. I like to answer the questions from my pov so I thought it’d be fun to answer this week’s list and post it here. I eliminated some of the questions that didn’t apply and came up with 13 Odd Questions. 

My dream dinner party would include guests like:
Patti Smith, Lucille Clifton, Joan Didion, Swoon, Helen Mirrin, Maria Popova, Toni Morrison, Amanda Palmer, Dianne Ackerman, James Corden, Idris Elba, Depak Chopra.

I never leave the house without:
lipstick on. Not even to walk the dog around the block. It’s because my face is so beige.

The place I’d love to return to is:
New York City. Let’s go.

The album from my childhood that I still listen to is:
Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors

The oldest piece of clothing in my closet is:
a tee shirt with Micky and Minnie on it from the early ’70’s. I slept in it for years but now it’s ripped and holey. I just can’t throw it away.

I love to collect:
I don’t collect much anymore but I save a lot of stuff on Pinterest. I do like kitschy garden art. My husband would say I collect handbags and shoes but he has no idea what a real collection looks like.

The book I love to read again and again is: 
Dorianne Laux‘s Smoke. I love her poetry. It’s so honest, human, and accessible.

My favorite cuisine is:
Anything cooked by Ree Drummond. I love her cooking show, never miss an episode. Every recipe of hers I’ve tried has turned out great. But Italian cuisine is a close second.

My day isn’t complete until:
I’ve read some poetry.

The most used app on my phone is:

The most stylish fictional character is:
Carrie Bradshaw, of course.

I unwind at the end of the day by:
I try to listen to a podcast when I go to bed. I enjoy The New Yorker’s “Modern Love” and “The Writers Voice”.

If money were no object I would buy:
it’s a tie between an apartment in Manhattan or a place in Italy, maybe near Lake Como.

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