River of Music

Fingers of wind
blew my hair around
my head like Medusa’s snakes
as I walked along the river levee
listening to the slurp of water
on shore, it’s brackish smell
strong in my nostrils. Strands
of music born on the breeze,
twang of guitar, wail of horn,
the boom of bass drum
thumping a beat, hundreds of bodies
swaying together as a voice
pure as mountain air sang her story
of a river of love, notes flying
on the breeze with a wing’s
freedom, her eyes closed
in bittersweet remembrance, wetness
touching our cheeks until
a ship’s horn blows
spraying water canon rainbows
over the water and all of us
break into ecstatic hurrahs.


10/30 Prompt (8/30 poem): “write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happing at once”

This was written about a day I spent at a local music festival a few years ago. Susan Cowsill was singing her song “River of Love”, after speaking about her brother whose body was found in the river after Hurricane Katrina, when coincidentally a boat in the river blew its horn and river cannon quite spectacularly. It was a moment, for sure. The photos above were taken by me that day.

You can listen to Susan’s wonderful song here.

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