River Mamma

The sinewy arm of the river hugs the city, a lover grown older and wiser in the ways life. Visitors often choose the neon and flash of the streets, the furious noise of movement, vitality on steroids pumped up with the screech of horn and the rattle of cheap beads falling on concrete. The river does her own thing – sparkling glitter in sunlight, swirling eddies like mini galaxies filled with fishy stars. Boat horns blow languidly, locals lounge on the levee with heavy-lidded eyes, hypnotized by wave after mocha wave, the din of the streets only a passing echo.

Long light of evening
Lap of silvery water
Embraces warmed flesh


12/30 Prompt: “write a haibun that takes in the natural landscape of the place you live.”

The Photo is of the Mississippi River levee with New Orleans in the background. This is a few blocks from my home and I often walk along the levee. It’s so peaceful.

11 thoughts on “River Mamma

  1. LOVE! really captures the levees and the river. I know the river more from MIssissippi but I spent time on it in New Orleans too.

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