6 thoughts on “The Poet

  1. She’s also written 3 fabulous go-to books of essays on poetry: Ten Windows / Nine Gates / Hiddenness, Uncertainty, Surprise. I’m sure you can find excerpts of these and her most anthologized poems online 😊

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  2. I’ve yet to read anything by Jane Hirshfield that did not resonate … this one is new to me … THANK YOU for posting it.

    I’m reminded of years back when my son (in high school) took cartooning instruction that began at a community class but continued for a couple of years as instructor coming to our house once a week. Got to know the instructor well, and he was quite frank with me: Expect a LOT of thrown-away paper – there can be NO LIMIT ON PAPER!

    Equally I’m drawn to the closed door with loved ones on the other side … definitely an essential poetic need.


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