Tiny Moments: The light through the trees.


This isn’t a great pic – I took it with my iPad from my side yard. I was out with the dogs and happened to spy the pink glow through the trees. The sky was pink striped! The clouds were vertical across that patch of sky and in between – a pink sunset. It was magical. This was about 20 mins ago. Sigh. I love unexpected delights like that.

I came inside and opened my email to Leesa Cross Smith’s Tiny Letter, Kitchen Music, and it was just perfect. Everything she said was like bringing the pink striped sky into the house. I’ll leave you with a little quote and hope you’ll subscribe – here.  It’s so uplifting!

“I hope you are getting to do some of yr fave things. All of yr fave things! And I hope those things bring you comfort as we wobble on. Opening the windows helps me. Logging out of social media helps me. Not feeling the pressing need to respond to everyone immediately helps me. Telling the truth helps me. The sunlight through the trees helps me.“

See that fiery glow in the lower right? That’s the last sunlight of October 5, 2019. It helped me. 😊

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