Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

With the holidays upon us I decided to go ahead and post my fourth quarter Favorites . I’m currently reading some books I plan to review here plus I have a post or two percolating so I don’t think I’ll … Continue reading Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

Amalgamation: TV,Music,Poetry,& Missing the Moon

So we’re a few days past the summer solstice and I missed seeing the strawberry moon which won’t coincide with the solstice again until 2062. I’m bummed that I missed it. July is a few days away which means we’ll be entering the hottest months of the year here, July through September. On these hot summer days I like to get my house chores and errands done in the morning so I can cool it a couple of hours in the afternoon watching a movie or a series on my Fire TV. I recently discovered Acorn TV with its ‘all … Continue reading Amalgamation: TV,Music,Poetry,& Missing the Moon

Hot Reads, Etc.

There’s so much good reading and listening on the Internet it’s overwhelming. How do you choose which piece to read,which podcast to listen to, which video to watch? And I’m always wondering if I’ve missed some really fantastic thing. In just the past few days I’ve read some really good stuff and, this morning, watched a very cool Periscope post by Indian chef Kalyan Karmakar. Do you watch Periscope? I downloaded the app a while ago but have only watched a couple of Lonely Planet posts. But when I logged on today there was a notification that this was streaming … Continue reading Hot Reads, Etc.

Fancy Feet Friday: St. Vincent

  So. Once again I’ve found a great cover of an old classic. This time it’s St. Vincent doing  a funked up version of The Stones’ “Emotional Rescue” from the soundtrack of A Bigger Splash. The movie looks like fun. Tilda Swinton! Ray Finnes! Love! Duplicity! And all on the beautiful Italian coast! We must see it. Oh, and if  all the music is as funked  up as this, well….. we’ll need some funkalicious dancing shoes. Have a great week-end, y’all!       Continue reading Fancy Feet Friday: St. Vincent

Fancy Feet Friday

  I haven’t posted any music in a long time so I thought I’d share this great vid a Facebook friend posted recently. I’m a pretty big H&O fan so there aren’t too many covers get my approval but this one definitely does. It’s so fresh and free-spirited it makes me want to jump in the car for a road trip. So why not slow down a few minutes, close your eyes, and take an imaginary road trip until you can do the real thing. I think you’ll smile as big as I did when I first heard it. A … Continue reading Fancy Feet Friday