Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

With the holidays upon us I decided to go ahead and post my fourth quarter Favorites . I’m currently reading some books I plan to review here plus I have a post or two percolating so I don’t think I’ll … Continue reading Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

Morning Meditation: Of Tom and Hawks

“A red-winged hawk is circling” Tom Petty 1950-2017 He glides towards me face to face at eye level on my morning walk, swoops into an old magnolia. He settles his feathers and returns my gaze, eyes shining a message of light and life. l smile,thinking of Apollo, music,and a golden-haired man learning to fly. *** Sources: Tom Petty on writing “You and I Will Meet Again”  Video of “You and I Will Meet Again”. Hawks in mythology and folklore. Photo via Pinterest. I tried to trace the source but was unsuccessful.  Continue reading Morning Meditation: Of Tom and Hawks

NaPoWriMo 17/30: Eve of a Cold Moon

Eve of a Cold Moon So briefly, so briefly – a few days of awareness, then you were gone. Still, there’s a space for you that no other ever filled, the abandoned home of a whisper-life not ready for a world such as this. *** Prompt via NaPoWriMo.net: Write a nocturne. In music, a nocturne is a composition meant to be played at night, usually for piano, and with a tender and melancholy sort of sound. Your nocturne should aim to translate this sensibility into poetic form. Continue reading NaPoWriMo 17/30: Eve of a Cold Moon

Forgotten Woman

If I died alone in a nursing home would anyone notice or would I be just another old lady leaving a bed for another old lady, just another pair of hands to fold over a sunken chest, the heart beneath long ago stilled by loneliness. If I died alone in a nursing home would my spirit have been strengthened by endurance and faith or would sweet relief from long days of bed sores and liquid feedings, from hurried and impatient caregivers be welcomed. If I died alone in a nursing home would anything that went before even matter. ***** Writing … Continue reading Forgotten Woman

The Roach In My Bathroom

A roach has been dying on my bathroom floor for two days. Lying on it’s back with it’s underbelly exposed I imagine it feels vulnerable as it waves it’s legs about in an effort to overturn itself. I think a couple of its legs are missing or  maybe only one. I haven’t counted them but it looks like there are less on one side than the other. Sometimes when I go in there the roach is completely still and I think it’s dead but then it’s as if I’ve awakened it because the antenna begin waving around as if it’s … Continue reading The Roach In My Bathroom