Bar Girl

She is a moon-faced daughter in a gravel-pit bar crowd open to God for a second chance or a bed of coals. She is a stand-in, pleading fire for a loud so furious, so crashing, lightning balls jump right up to show you how it’s done. ***** Writing prompt courtesy of Collier Nogues via Found Poetry Review for National Poetry Month. My sources were one of my favorite poems, “Pearl”, by Dorianne Laux and a magazine advertisement for Otezla. Continue reading Bar Girl

Hot Reads and Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue April has come and gone and nothing about it turned out as I’d planned. I had to drop out of PoMoSco because life got in the way.  Real life, nuts and bolts and shit happens life. But I did get in a few poems and I think with some editing I’ll have some decent work out of it.  I didn’t even start a poetry online course I’d signed up for, which makes me sad, but at least I did read some good poetry in between all the running around I did before falling into bed each night, usually well … Continue reading Hot Reads and Peggy Sue

Literary Tattoos

I recently discovered Contrariwise: Literary Tattoos, a website that shows literary tattoos people have had inked on their bodies. A tattoo is not something I’m interested in for myself but I do find them interesting and the reasons people get them interesting. I like the one above particularly because it’s from the poem “Antilamentation” by Dorianne Laux, one of my favorite poets and poems. It’s a beautiful  and honest line and a poem all by itself.  I also like the placement of the design because I like the idea of a tattoo being hidden and only revealed to a select … Continue reading Literary Tattoos