Sweet Peggy Sue

A while back I wrote a post about my poodle, Peggy Sue. I was excited because I’d found a recipe for homemade dog food online that would support her compromised kidneys. That’s what I like most about the internet, that you can find a community or maybe just one person who has been thorugh whatever it is you’re going through and can offer help and support. At the time, Peggy appeared to be  friskier than she had ever been since we had her. We adopted her from our local SPCA in September 2011. They said she was about 6 years … Continue reading Sweet Peggy Sue

Hot Reads and Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue April has come and gone and nothing about it turned out as I’d planned. I had to drop out of PoMoSco because life got in the way.  Real life, nuts and bolts and shit happens life. But I did get in a few poems and I think with some editing I’ll have some decent work out of it.  I didn’t even start a poetry online course I’d signed up for, which makes me sad, but at least I did read some good poetry in between all the running around I did before falling into bed each night, usually well … Continue reading Hot Reads and Peggy Sue

Morning Meditation 12/15/14: Chunks of Heaven

This morning when I checked my email I had two poems about heaven there. I subscribe to a few poet’s blogs, to Poets.org’s Poem a Day, and to Rattle’s Daily Poem. I thought, out of all the sites I read and all the poet’s that write poems, it was interesting that two poems were about heaven on the same day. (Here and here.)  I’m not sure what heaven is, I’m not sure if it’s a real place or just something the faithful want to believe in and aspire to in order to  make their lives more bearable and purposeful. I … Continue reading Morning Meditation 12/15/14: Chunks of Heaven