NaPoWriMo Day 20

Everything is Temporary My grandmother had a blood red rose that twirled around a post on her front porch. There’s a picture of me standing next to it when my eyes were still fresh and she was in the kitchen cooking tiny butter beans just picked that morning by my grandfather’s hands. Thumbing through the old photo album I pause at that photo, remember how my dad dug up the rose before the old house was sold, replanted it in my parents’ backyard. A few pages later there it is, twirling over my parents’ porch, now only a picture in … Continue reading NaPoWriMo Day 20

Poetry That Will Drop Your Mouth Open

I often turn to poetry when I’m feeling restless. There’s something about the rhythm and flow that seems to calm me, even if the subject isn’t calming. In that way, it’s a lot like music. The images of a poem mimic the melody of a musical piece, bits flowing in our heads just when we need it most. The poems I highlight here all have memorable phrases and images. They each tell a powerful story in their own unique voice. Enjoy! * Ashley M. Jones in River Mouth Review – Love Letter: Heaven is a Black Woman’s Smile We all … Continue reading Poetry That Will Drop Your Mouth Open

Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

With the holidays upon us I decided to go ahead and post my fourth quarter Favorites . I’m currently reading some books I plan to review here plus I have a post or two percolating so I don’t think I’ll … Continue reading Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

Women Online: Great Reads You Shouldn’t Miss

I LOVE this tweet by Kelli Agodon, writer and co-founder of Two Sylvias Press who has a great twitter feed. Just had to share. Anyone who writes poetry has had a version of this wonderment in their head at one time or another. But, thing is, if you’re born to write poetry your really don’t have a choice. I wrote when I was very young then didn’t for years and years, only coming back to it in my mid-30’s but it was always in my head. Fragments, bits and pieces, phrases….it was always in there because it’s just how I … Continue reading Women Online: Great Reads You Shouldn’t Miss