Twin Pies Lit + Fevers of the Mind

It’s been Lucky February for me! I am so grateful to Twin Pies Literary and Fevers of the Mind Poetry Blog for selecting my work for their fine publications. My Flash Fiction piece, “Four Levels of Infatuation“, is in Twin Pies new issue. Thank you, Jessica Evans and D.T. Robbins! My two poems, “Shelter in Place” and “Swaddling the Beast, are currently featured on Fevers of the Mind. Many thanks to David L O’Nan! * This weekend should have been the big parade weekend before Fat Tuesday but, alas, the pandemic has cancelled Mardi Gras, as we’ve always known it. … Continue reading Twin Pies Lit + Fevers of the Mind

Flash Fiction That Will Drop Your Mouth Open

Can I just say that the more Flash Fiction I read, the more I want to read. I love this genre so much and man are we lucky to have some really great FF writers in our world. Here are a few stories that just wowed me recently. Enjoy! * Jennifer Toddhunter in Twin Pies Literary – Us Girls at our Boys’ Graduation “Us girls get ready for our boys’ graduation, stick cigarettes in our push-up bras, cut the hems of our second-hand dresses just so. We talk about what it’ll be like to graduate ourselves one day, how we’ll … Continue reading Flash Fiction That Will Drop Your Mouth Open

Pandemic Reading: Writers Share Their Picks

With the pandemic now (arguably) in it’s 8th month, I’ve been noticing lots of talk about books on social media. It looks like reading is enjoying a boom and that’s a good thing! In the past few months, though, I find that my reading choices are pickier than usual. Memoirs and Poetry are probably my favorite genres but I have loved a good dystopian novel (read Blindness by Jose Saramago or Station Eleven by Emily St. Mandel). However, I seem to have lost my taste for the dystopian in books and in tv. When I try to read or watch, … Continue reading Pandemic Reading: Writers Share Their Picks