A Plastic Bag

A plastic bag in the wind is trash to some, beauty to others. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong? Desperate eyes see freedom in lift and airiness, a thing not of nature riding on nature’s wings, accepted without question, unencumbered by expectations, allowed to be its most spontaneous, creative self. A vessel to hold other things, it’s true, but filled with possibilities of what those things might be. *** Poem inspired by the plastic bag scene in the film American Beauty which I find achingly sad yet hopeful. Continue reading A Plastic Bag

Fancy Feet Friday: St. Vincent

  So. Once again I’ve found a great cover of an old classic. This time it’s St. Vincent doing  a funked up version of The Stones’ “Emotional Rescue” from the soundtrack of A Bigger Splash. The movie looks like fun. Tilda Swinton! Ray Finnes! Love! Duplicity! And all on the beautiful Italian coast! We must see it. Oh, and if  all the music is as funked  up as this, well….. we’ll need some funkalicious dancing shoes. Have a great week-end, y’all!       Continue reading Fancy Feet Friday: St. Vincent

Charlotte’s Top Five

It’s end/beginning of year – list time! Although list posts are multiplying like rabbits online, I’ll go ahead and post my second annual Top Fives in books, movies, TV, and music. Note that these are not books, movies, TV, and music that debuted in 2015 but my personal Top Fives which means, although I’m not a slave to current pop culture, I am highly interested in good books, good movies, good TV, and good music regardless of when it was created. In addition, I’m posting my Top Five wanna-sees and wanna-reads for 2016. Wanna-listen is dependent upon mood. Here we … Continue reading Charlotte’s Top Five

June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World

  I am shocked it’s June. I feel like it should still be February or thereabouts. Spring, my favorite time of year, is virtually over and the sun’s heat envelopes me on my morning dog walks. Sitting on the patio drinking coffee isn’t an option anymore. But, I won’t complain (much) because I’d rather this than winter cold. So, it’s June 6 and I feel like a list even though I really hate them. June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World (with a little bit of May thrown in) Reading: Ruling Your World: Ancient Strategies … Continue reading June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World

I will never,ever,ever

have a tidy coffee table like you see in those chichi design magazines. Mine is always covered with books, magazines, DVD’s, CD’s, iPad, journal and, at various times, dog biscuits, remote controls, plates of crumbs and cups of half-finished tea. I love the minimal look of a coffee table with only an object or two but that will never happen here for more than a few minutes when I dust and put things away. I need my books and reading material close by.  The book you see there, “New Orleans Style”, will be reviewed here soon. I hope. I intend.  … Continue reading I will never,ever,ever

Morning Meditation 5.25.14: Summer Coming On

June is only a few days away and already I can feel the first flush of real summertime in the air. The barest of breezes rustles the ferns and feels lukewarm on my bare arms. The cats are still as death lying in the patches of sunlight peeking through the Magnolia, the dogs trotting around edges of the backyard. I take a sip of coffee while reading about The Shawshank Redemption in the paper (Type “370,000” into a Google search and the site auto-completes it with “in 1966”. Andy escapes in 1966 with $370,000 of the warden’s ill-gotten gains.) I … Continue reading Morning Meditation 5.25.14: Summer Coming On