Terra Firma Suffocation

The turquoise cleanliness  is a pretense, an illusion. Beneath, the sky seeps scarlet from the purple of old bruises. A defoliant drenched earth erupts with deadly deceptive flora straining for a breath of blue. ________________________________________________ “The earth is mankind’s ultimate haven, our blessed terra firma.” ~~~Gilbert Adair Poem inspired by the photo above on One Stop Poetry. Continue reading Terra Firma Suffocation

Poets for Living Waters Call for Submissions

Via Amy King comes the call for poetry inspired by the oil disaster of the Deepwater Horizon. Poets for Living Waters is a poetry action in response to the Gulf Oil Disaster of April 20, 2010, one of the most profound man-made ecological catastrophes in history. Former US poet laureate Robert Pinsky describes the popularity of poetry after 9/11 as a turn away from the disaster’s overwhelming enormity to a more manageable individual scale. As we confront the magnitude of this recent tragedy, such a return may well aid us. The first law of ecology states that everything is connected to everything else.  An appreciation of this systemic connectivity … Continue reading Poets for Living Waters Call for Submissions