Morning Meditation 1/3/15: Not Resolutions

Patti Smith with camera - photo credit:
Patti Smith with camera – photo credit:

Intentions written on a foggy morning in January
patiently wait for the sunshine of action.

I’m writing a list of intentions for the year. I don’t do resolutions because they come with stern fingers that demand attention. Then when you falter the guilt niggles in the back of your mind. That’s not for me, thank you. But, a new year does naturally get you thinking about what your wants and dreams are because it is a kind of new slate. Last night, as I was waiting to fall asleep I was thinking about what I want for this year. One of the things I thought was I want to photograph more. I live in a great city and there’s so, so much to see but last year I didn’t take many pictures – something I love to do. So I’ve begun a list of places and things I want to photograph. This is one way to feed my spirit and there will be more. Stay tuned. (BTW, there’s a new photo on my Photography page – see tab above.)

And, Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Morning Meditation 1/3/15: Not Resolutions

  1. I love this! No guilt. That’s never been a good motivator for anyone, and besides, it’s not healthy for us.

    Yes, you do have a beautiful city and a good eye, so get out there and show us some NOLA. 🙂


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