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It’s a gorgeous day in New Orleans – feels like Spring! I’m thinking about going to the river and snapping some photos but, honestly, I’m feeling quite content puttering around the house and yard and doing some online reading. I have a few links to share today of good reading I’ve done lately: a couple of Flash pieces, a few poems, and some blogs new to me that piqued  my interest. Enjoy!

First , the blogs:

Leaf and Twig is a blog that combines two of my favorite things: poetry and photography. What could be more perfect? The poetry is original and the photography is dreamy and beautiful with lots of nature and landscapes. It’s like a visual meditation.

Artists Tell Their Stories highlights artists of various genres. We’re given a peek into their artistic journey, what inspires and motivates them, and learn about their process. It’s a great read.

I found Michael Alexander Chaney’s blog through a FaceBook friend who linked to his post “Top Ten Journals to Submit Flash Fiction for Wigleaf’s  Top 50 List “. I love flash, I write it occasionally. This is a really good list with mentions of pieces he particularly liked (including my writer friends’ work, Nonnie Augustine and Barry Basden). He is an author and an editor and his blog looks quite intriguing. I think I’ll be reading more there.

And the rest…..

Finding Time to Write is a blog I’ve been reading for quite some time. Marina Sofia reviews books, interviews writers, posts her own original writing, and chats about her life in France. It’s delightful! Yesterday she posted an awesome piece for International Woman’s Day about her heroines. I learned facts I didn’t know and enjoyed the read immensely.

I think I’ve mentioned before that James Claffey is one of my favorite Flash writers. He currently has a wonderful piece up on Fictionaut called “Family – A Triptych“. I learn so much about writing by reading him.

Laurie Kolp is a talented poet I’ve chatted with online and read for a couple of years now. She has some beautiful work up at Poppy Road Review. Don’t miss it!

Another poet I’ve become friends with is Maura Alia Badji who has a sweetly funny poem up at The Good Men Project (a great journal with consistently interesting pieces). You’ll be glad you clicked over for this smile.

And, finally, “My Totally Awesome World” by Sese Geddes in The Sun is eclectic, quirky, and just very cool. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll identify with it. If you’re not, it’s still a fun read.

Have a great reading week!

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