I was recently nominated for a Sunshine Blogger award by Nick at Fifty Words Daily. It’s been a long time since I’ve been nominated for a blogging award. I’m really quite tickled because, for me, getting one of these tells me that at least one person likes to visit here. I’ve been blogging since 2005 but I really haven’t gotten into the WordPress community like a lot of bloggers do. Honestly, I don’t blog for “hits” or to try to increase my readership. I rarely look at my stats. I blog because I like to take pictures and I like … Continue reading Sunshine

Amalgamation: June 4,2016

Amalgamate: to unite (two or more things, such as two businesses) into one thing After a little thought I’ve decided to rename my occasional “Hot Reads” post to “Amalgamation”. It’s a word that  I like pronouncing it.  It rolls off the tongue like those little beads of candy on nonpareils, you know the ones? Plus, the definition is perfect for what Hot Reads has morphed into, which is to say, posts about more than good things to read. It’s also good things to watch, good things to eat, good things to listen to. Not all every time but enough times … Continue reading Amalgamation: June 4,2016

Hot Reads

It’s a gorgeous day in New Orleans – feels like Spring! I’m thinking about going to the river and snapping some photos but, honestly, I’m feeling quite content puttering around the house and yard and doing some online reading. I have a few links to share today of good reading I’ve done lately: a couple of Flash pieces, a few poems, and some blogs new to me that piqued  my interest. Enjoy! First , the blogs: Leaf and Twig is a blog that combines two of my favorite things: poetry and photography. What could be more perfect? The poetry is original and … Continue reading Hot Reads

5 Catagories of 5 Things That Rocked My 2014

Inspired by The Tavern Lantern’s “Year End Top Ten” feature, which I’ve been enjoying very much, I decided to make my own Top Five Lists. Consisting of five instead of ten items because I’m into shorter, smaller, more minimal. And I think some list posts are too long. (Not counting TL’s.) So, here we go. 5 Lit Journals and/or Zines I Read Regularly in 2014 Literary Orphans Connotation Press Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series Whiskey Paper Luna Luna 5 Blogs I Read Regularly in 2014 Roxane Gay’s Blog (Although, lately there’s less blogging and more linkage to her … Continue reading 5 Catagories of 5 Things That Rocked My 2014