Amalgamation: June 4,2016

Amalgamate: to unite (two or more things, such as two businesses) into one thing

food-NonpareilsAfter a little thought I’ve decided to rename my occasional “Hot Reads” post to “Amalgamation”. It’s a word that  I like pronouncing it.  It rolls off the tongue like those little beads of candy on nonpareils, you know the ones? Plus, the definition is perfect for what Hot Reads has morphed into, which is to say, posts about more than good things to read. It’s also good things to watch, good things to eat, good things to listen to. Not all every time but enough times to be more than reads. So. There you have it.


Here is the amalgamation (in no particular order) for the past week. Or so.

The new issue of Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series is a Flash Special curated by Sara Lippmann and highlights work by five women. Relationships are at the core of these flashes and, really, who isn’t fascinated by the intricacies of the human psyche and how it relates to others? Every story in this varied series is interesting and just kinda makes you go, Wow. Just wow. Fantastic writing.

Do you love dogs like I do? If so, you will love this cute post on Not Quite Old blog. Check it out for a chuckle.

From Saveur Magazine, The Queen of Caribbean Cooking Would Like to Show You the Food of St. Lucia, a profile of Chef Nina Compton of Compère Lapin here in New Orleans. A fascinating read and quite timely since I’ll be eating there next week for the first time. Can’t wait! (H/T @NativePalate for the tweet!)

Also via @NativePalate is a new series on YouTube called Geographer’s Space with Richard Campanella that promises to be an interesting look at the natural world of our Louisiana landscape. Here’s the first episode below and you can subscribe here.

One of my favorite poets, Dorianne Laux, has a new poem up in Tin House Magazine called Honeymoon. I love it. No surprise there.



Blueberry season is here! Looking for a fool-proof yet delicious way to bake these little purple pops of flavor? Try my favorite recipe for Blueberry Crumb Bars from the fabulous Damn Delicious blog. They are the best!



Finally, I was sad to hear of Mohammed Ali’s passing this morning. I grew up seeing him on TV, watching his fights. He was a great athlete, an example of living your beliefs, and a flamboyant entertainer with a verbal dexterity that never resorted to gutter language. He was a class act and a fine role model.


3 thoughts on “Amalgamation: June 4,2016

  1. Nice n true. How do you put stuff in categories Charlotte? I can’t find that or where to put words from my article on my posts with this new format on WordPress.

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    1. Kim, I’m emailing you a screen print rather than try to explain. I hate the new format. It’s so difficult to write a post now, especially on my iPad. I downloaded the WP app and it’s even worse. Tip: you can use the old format by going to “administration” on your site menu and choosing “posts” from there. But, it can be troublesome too. Good luck!


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