Friday Photo: “Treats”

Rose loves to lay on the grass in the sun even despite the fact she has a thick thatch of fur covering her right now. (Grooming session tomorrow!) Neither of my other two dogs do this and often stand next to her and look as if to say “Are you ok?” Rose also refuses to look at the camera when I try to take her picture. She just can’t be bothered. Irritates the heck out of me.    But I have a secret weapon. It’s called “treats!”. Now,that gets her attention!  Have a great weekend, y’all.   Continue reading Friday Photo: “Treats”

Friday Pet Blogging: Little Fat’s Morning Routine

Little Fat adopted us a couple of years ago. He began skulking around the backyard at night scavaging for food. Of course we began feeding him. Since he has a tipped ear we knew he was neutered but was he a trap and release or a dumped or lost pet? Since he wasn’t completely feral acting we think he may have been dumped. There’s a McDonalds behind our neighbors house and we suspect its a dumping site of choice for irresponsible and heartless pet owners. Here, he’s on the way down the ladder that leads to his bed on a … Continue reading Friday Pet Blogging: Little Fat’s Morning Routine