On 13 Days of Rain

©Charlotte Hamrick

On 13 Days of Rain

Hush now, dog!

There’s nuthin’ on the front 

porch but an empty chair

rockin’ in the rain spatter

drippin’ off the roof. Thunder’s

rappin’ an a-rollin’ and lightnin’s

doin’ the stanky leg ‘cross

the sky – yeah, it’s loud enough

to wake the dead but they best

stay sleepin’ lest they

float away too.


I wrote this back in 2012 one rainy day when the dog was barking at the rain. This year has had more extended and torrential rain than I remember occurring in a long, long time in a city known for torrential rain. We had a few days of sunshine last week but the clouds have gathered again and the windows are blurry with humid condensation. I do love the rain, love curling up on the couch with a good book or movie while it patters on the roof. But. Too much of a nice thing becomes annoying.

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