Morning Meditation: Perseverance

As the sword fern pushes through soil and leaves, so I push through the detritus of thought and pain,  striving for peace. *** I struggled with meditation this morning, at first. Stray thoughts were pushing in, my breath kept speeding up, my arm was aching (an ongoing issue). But I pushed the thoughts back out, slowed my breath, refocused away from my arm. Repeatedly. And, finally, toward the end of the session, I was at peace and my arm stopped aching. Once again, I didn’t want the session to end.  Centering thought: I experience the healing power of time.  Continue reading Morning Meditation: Perseverance

Morning Meditation: This moment

There is only the wind through the bamboo, the tap and rub of cane on cane. There is only the coolness of air passing over skin. There is only this moment, this breath. *** During this morning’s meditation,the feel of the breeze on my skin and the tapping sound of bamboo helped lull me into a peaceful state. It occurred to me, after, how the man-made noise of traffic faded away, allowing only the sounds of nature into my conciousness. Todays centering thought: I restore inner balance when I live in the now. Continue reading Morning Meditation: This moment

Morning Meditation: Warmth

Sun lightened stones absorb the gift of warmth, pay it forward to wildlife feet. *** Sitting on my patio, I’ve just finished Day 2 of Depak Chopra’s newest (free) Meditation Experience. This is the fourth series I’ve participated in.  I was so into it I didn’t want to stop. I feel relaxed and centered – so different from the way I feel when I’ve watched the news or read social media. I’m stepping away from toxic and it feels so good. Today’s centering thought: I attune myself to the flow of life.  Continue reading Morning Meditation: Warmth

Morning Meditation: Of Tom and Hawks

“A red-winged hawk is circling” Tom Petty 1950-2017 He glides towards me face to face at eye level on my morning walk, swoops into an old magnolia. He settles his feathers and returns my gaze, eyes shining a message of light and life. l smile,thinking of Apollo, music,and a golden-haired man learning to fly. *** Sources: Tom Petty on writing “You and I Will Meet Again”  Video of “You and I Will Meet Again”. Hawks in mythology and folklore. Photo via Pinterest. I tried to trace the source but was unsuccessful.  Continue reading Morning Meditation: Of Tom and Hawks

Morning Meditation 12/15/14: Chunks of Heaven

This morning when I checked my email I had two poems about heaven there. I subscribe to a few poet’s blogs, to’s Poem a Day, and to Rattle’s Daily Poem. I thought, out of all the sites I read and all the poet’s that write poems, it was interesting that two poems were about heaven on the same day. (Here and here.)  I’m not sure what heaven is, I’m not sure if it’s a real place or just something the faithful want to believe in and aspire to in order to  make their lives more bearable and purposeful. I … Continue reading Morning Meditation 12/15/14: Chunks of Heaven

Morning Meditation 12/7/14

I woke up this morning thinking about repetition and how it can be a form of mindful meditation. Every morning I have the same routine. I go downstairs, take the dogs out into the backyard, flush out the fountain with fresh water and fill the cats water bowls. If it’s been dry I water the potted plants in the yard and the patio. I go inside, make coffee, feed the dogs, feed the cats, then sit down and read and/or write while I drink my coffee. I often turn the radio on to WWOZ and listen to their morning jazz … Continue reading Morning Meditation 12/7/14