Chimera (A Wild and Unrealistic Dream or Notion) All I want on a Sunday morning is to luxuriate in my laziness. I want to watch old movies with the volume turned up loud, the newspaper crackling as I shift my supine body on the couch, the words of duplicitous politicians and photos of narcissistic socialites mashed under my ass. I want to gaze out my window where heat rises on the street like steam from a gumbo pot while I lie, cool as a nectar cream snowball, in my Maggie The Cat slip, painting my toenails a color called Bad … Continue reading Chimera

Morning Meditation 5.25.14: Summer Coming On

June is only a few days away and already I can feel the first flush of real summertime in the air. The barest of breezes rustles the ferns and feels lukewarm on my bare arms. The cats are still as death lying in the patches of sunlight peeking through the Magnolia, the dogs trotting around edges of the backyard. I take a sip of coffee while reading about The Shawshank Redemption in the paper (Type “370,000” into a Google search and the site auto-completes it with “in 1966”. Andy escapes in 1966 with $370,000 of the warden’s ill-gotten gains.) I … Continue reading Morning Meditation 5.25.14: Summer Coming On

Summer Toes

One of my favorite blogs is Toemail where the blogger posts all kinds of interesting photos from around the world. She kind of specializes in feet and often posts pics of feet in interesting circumstances or doing beautiful and fun things. Just now, as I was looking through Toemail, I remembered a photo I took of my nieces feet and my own feet a few years ago. It’s one of my favorite photos and it makes me think of summer and swimming in the cool ocean water under a cloudless blue sky. Hurry, summer! Continue reading Summer Toes