I will never,ever,ever

have a tidy coffee table like you see in those chichi design magazines. Mine is always covered with books, magazines, DVD’s, CD’s, iPad, journal and, at various times, dog biscuits, remote controls, plates of crumbs and cups of half-finished tea. I love the minimal look of a coffee table with only an object or two but that will never happen here for more than a few minutes when I dust and put things away. I need my books and reading material close by.  The book you see there, “New Orleans Style”, will be reviewed here soon. I hope. I intend.  … Continue reading I will never,ever,ever

December Unrecognized

the sun teases cold weary hibernators lusting for palm fronds throwing shadows onto patio bricks, the cutting wind is alien in the land of temperate breezes, the icy rain unwelcome as we cover our heads in fleece-lined hoodies, cursing whatever god guided winter weather in the wrong direction while our shorts and tank tops wait impatiently for southern-kissed skin _______________________________ Shared on dVerse Poets Pub, an online community of poets who share their work and support each other. Continue reading December Unrecognized